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Video Production

My name is Bernardson,
I do video production

Over the years I have done tremendous research and learned to cultivate strong connections via a plethora of current and emerging multimedia platforms using the right tools and strategies for online success. I know that both personals and business evolution require; great vision, cultivation of your passion and remembering that constant learning is the true path to transformation and success.

Bernardson professional portrait
Bernardson looking a professional photography in a corporate room
The first step is to assess your budget. I will evaluate your needs and time constraints. Let define your audience and clarify the message that will be delivered in your video project.

By the end of the pre-production, we will have:

Your video messages
People and equipment needed
Video length and format
Distribution methods (TV, social media, etc.)
A shot list
Shoot location
Accessibility requirements

This is where we film your corporate, product, event, testimonial, marketing or E-learning video base on the pre-production plan. Production is one of the more important moment. Better to shoot it right them trying to fix it after! I make sure to capture all the necessary scenes that I will need for the post-production. The subject is films using different angle. If it’s not possible (sometime it happen) I will use other B-Roll and editing to cropped and zoomed other angle.

I will work on the lighting, framing, composition and B-Roll (supplementary footage) that is included in the finished product.

The Editing start there. I go over all the footage and select what is visually interesting to make your final product. At this moment I select and purchase the soundtrack with your approval and if applicable for your project. I make sure that the soundtrack matches the pace of the video.

Revision is based upon the initial agreement (usually 1 or 2). No raw footage is included if it wasn’t agreed before.

Based on your location, you will get access to a physical and only version of your video. It’s up to the client to setup your distribution network and track your analytics. This is your first time? Don’t worry, you will have a learning curve at first.

If you need more on distribution and promotion, I will be glad to offer consulting with the creative agency BDH Collective.

Pricing is based per project. Once we set your project scope, I will send you a detail quote. When I make my quote, I make sure to include other version and format that I think you would need. Additional charges may apply, if it’s not included in the quote make sure to ask before the start of the project.
Why did I Become a Commercial Videographer?

I was really attracted to all the creative possibilities videography presented and also had a passion for business. I purchased my first professional camera in 2013 and continued to add new gear ...

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