Catering to Your Goals: Balancing Viewer Desires and Marketing Strategy in Video Production

People who are already interested in your brand may have particular ideas about what videos they want to see next. Some may want you to describe a particular type of product or teach them how to use a certain new program. However, although it is a good idea to cater to the desires of your target audience, their ideas may not be as beneficial to your company as the ones you already have.

Frequently repeated phrases like “The customer is always right” and “Give the people what they want” make sense for a lot of business practices. But when it comes to video production, these fall short of the mark. You know what goals you have in business, and what metrics you want to reach. Your marketing team understands how to make it happen using professional-quality video.

Why Is Your Choice Better?

Every single piece of marketing material you create should have an end goal in mind. This could be a certain number of sign-ups to your newsletter, a certain dollar amount of sales, or even a particular number of likes or shares on social media. Since video production requires an investment, it makes sense to go with what will best serve your needs.

After all, not every person in your audience will tell you what they want in a video. If you listen to just 10 or 20 percent of them, you may be alienating the other 80 to 90 percent of viewers. Paying attention to video comments or social media posts is important for successful marketing. However, intelligent strategizing usually wins out in the end.

Your best bet is to cleverly combine your viewers’ wants and your wants in your next video production project. Since video is such a flexible medium that offers such a wide range of diverse possibilities, you should have no problem designing more than one great video for your advertising needs.