Elements for Achieving Professional-Quality Video Production

Shooting a professional-quality video project requires many different elements all included at the best possible level. If you get these all correct, you are sure to have a higher-quality video for whatever purpose you desire.

Clothing – Wear clothing appropriate for the brand or position you represent. This could be anything from a three-piece suit to a funny costume to a printed T-shirt with the name of your organization.

Hair – Be neat and professional. If you are filming outside, take some steps to eliminate hair flying around wildly and getting in the way of your face. This does not mean that every video needs slick and lacquered hair. After all, if you are an artist teaching internet users about unique painting techniques, your purple-and-blue spikes may look perfect.

Skin – Eliminate shine that may cause any glares on the camera. A touch of powder can work well for both men and women who are involved in professional videos. You can also use a product like an oil blotting paper sheets to remove excess oil or sweat, with or without makeup.

Posing – Keep it natural and involve the spokesperson in a meaningful scene. They could sit behind a desk, lounge in a chair, walk down a path in a park slowly, or anything else that suits your needs.

Jewelry – Avoid exceptionally flashy jewelry that may cause glare or other problems. In general, this kind of thing should not disrupt video production.

Music – Background tracks should be added by the video production team during the editing process. If music is playing near the filming location, always make sure that the spokesperson’s voice can be clearly heard above it.

Props – Only use props that make sense. A corporate training video could use a whiteboard with a pointer for quick demonstrations. An environmental organization may have a potted sapling to plant or a canvas tote bag to carry goods. Avoid things that serve no real purpose and avoid humorous gag props unless you run a joke store.