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Embark on a stirring journey with us as we recount our exhilarating event coverage project, where we were privy to the captivating citizenship ceremonies held at the hallowed halls of McGill University’s faculty club. Organized by the Institute for Canadian Citizenship (ICC), this distinguished organization is committed to empowering and promoting full-fledged Canadian citizenship among immigrants and newcomers alike. 


Held over the course of an unforgettable afternoon, the ceremony was a stirring ode to the arrival of fresh talent and perspectives, as new Canadians were welcomed with open arms and joyous celebrations. Our team was humbled and honored to have the opportunity to capture these fleeting yet precious moments, and to chronicle the ICC’s steadfast commitment to embracing diversity and creating a welcoming community for all. 


Join us as we bear witness to the power of community and inclusivity, and discover the limitless potential of the human spirit to break barriers and bridge gaps. 

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