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Samos Wine
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Samos Wine
About Project

Come along with us as we follow the representatives of Samos wine while embarking on a photographic journey visiting various restaurants and events in Montreal. Our team was able to capture the essence of this promotional tour, which was conducted in partnership with the government of Greece as part of a tourism promotion.  


Over the course of several days, We undertook a mission to capture the essence of Samos wine and showcase its presence in the Montreal area. Our team was on a mission to showcase the wine’s unique qualities and create a range of compelling images that would promote the brand in the area. we ensured to capture the dynamic moments to produce a captivating array of promotional materials that truly brought the brand to life. From the exquisite taste of the wine to the engaging interactions between the representative and clients, our images truly captured the essence of the Samos wine experience in Montreal. 


Join us in this visual adventure as we document the sights and sounds of this exciting promotional tour! 

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