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Amotion Dance HeadShot
Avatar of Bernardson
Amotion Dance HeadShot
About Project

Bernardson had the privilege of capturing headshots and full-body shots of 14 dance teachers from A’Motion Dance in Montreal. This project spanned over two days and included three different themes to broaden the assortment of the images.


The first theme was a vibrant summer concept that featured a colorful and cheerful ambiance. the colours were reflecting the warmth and fun of the season. To capture this theme, utilized four strobes and a white fabric background.


The second theme was a graceful all-white concept, evoking the chilly days of winter, and the poise and elegance that dance teaches. For this theme, employed three strobes, one flash, and a white background to ensure that the teachers’ dynamic personalities shone through.


finally, the third theme displayed an alluring all-red concept, symbolizing the transformative fall season and creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for anyone interested in enrolling in dance classes at A’Motion Dance. employed four strobes and a white fabric background to capture the images.


To conclude, this project was a complete success and an enjoyable experience for They are thrilled to share the edited photos with their audience, showcasing the stunning talent and captivating personalities of the dance teachers.

Corporate event
Villier BBQ – Photo