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Other Production Services


1,541 $ - 3,067 $

Our Standard Full Project has a range of pricing options to suit all budgets and requirements.
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The advantages of scriptwriting are to create a visual concept on paper and get your message across to others. It also tells a story which focuses on your target audience. It helps you to spend less time filming and it saves money, which then gives you a better final product.
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A solution that fits your creative needs

What is scriptwriting?

Scriptwriting is the art of telling a story through written words. We will document the movements, actions, expressions and dialogue of the characters in screenplay format. In addition, we will compose text for a play, film, or another form of theater. 

Who needs scriptwriting?

Writing scripts is essential for a wide range of media. Such as films, television shows, video games, and theater productions. 

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Ask now, get inspired later

Frequently Asked Questions

We bring your stories to life, from short films to feature-length productions, across genres like comedy, drama, thriller, and even animation.

Nope! Whether you have a rough concept or a detailed outline, we work with you to shape your vision into a compelling script.

Pricing varies based on project scope and your specific needs, but we offer transparent packages and flexible options to fit your budget.

We believe in collaboration, so we offer multiple rounds of revisions to ensure your script shines.

Level 1

Bronze Package
From 1,541 $
  • Initial consultation to understand your scriptwriting needs
  • Concept development and brainstorming
  • A detailed script outlines
  • Equipment and equipment rental fees
  • Project management fees

Level 2

Silver Package
From 1,931 $
  • Includes all the services from Bronze Package, plus:
  • Scriptwriting for a short video (up to 2 minutes)
  • 2 rounds of revisions

Level 3

Gold Package
From 2,529 $
  • Includes all the services from Silver Package, plus:
  • Scriptwriting for a longer video (up to 5 minutes)
  • Unlimited revisions until the final draft is approved
  • Additional support for the script's production process

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