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Champlain Football
Champlain Football
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About Project

We had the opportunity to create an exciting project for Champlain College’s football team. Our mission was to capture the essence of a remarkable occasion where two Montreal Allouettes players were invited to inspire the students with a motivational speech, followed by a practice session on the football field. 


Our team ensured that every moment of this unique event was captured with striking precision and detail. We brought our best equipment and expertise to work to record a visually stunning video that fully captured the energy and excitement of the day. We were able to capture every aspect of this unique event from the motivational speech given by the Allouettes players to the thrilling practice session on the football field. 


We recognize the significance of producing videos that effectively capture the emotion and energy of any occasion, and we are here to provide you with the finest service. If you’re searching for assistance with similar projects, we are ready and available to offer our support. 

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