You want to tell your brand story, and have decided that a professional-quality video is the perfect way to make that happen. After all, you know how powerful marketing videos can be. The first step to any campaign is planning it successfully. These tips will help you figure out exactly what you need to do to get the best finished result possible.

1 – Create the Story First

Every good video story is written before it is produced. What does your organization or brand stand for? What do you want to share with the people? How are you going to do that in a creative and entertaining way?

2 – Remember to Include Emotion

People become more engaged when they feel something when watching a video. They want to aww at cute kittens, cringe at people falling off their skateboards, or gasp in awe when a robot does an amazing action. Even less obvious options can engage emotions with intelligent phrasing, effective images, and background music.

3 – Make It Understood Without Sound

The majority of videos online are watched while muted. This is especially true of those shared on social media because so many people watch them on their phones in public places. Therefore, create a story that can be understood even if the audio file is not playing. Use on-screen text or informative video footage that creates interest on its own.

4 – Give Your Audience What It Wants

What do your existing customers or clients want to know about your brand? What would entice other consumers to take a closer look? Balance what your audience wants with what is most effective for your marketing needs. This is the best type of storytelling method to use with professional video production. People who watch become people who follow when they are engaged and find something of value after clicking the play button.