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821 $ - 2,975 $

Our Standard Full Project has a range of pricing options to suit all budgets and requirements.
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Storyboarding is an effective way to create and help you make a much stronger film by allowing you to visualize your projects before it’s even made

screenshot of an Onboarding Video
A solution that fits your creative needs

What is storyboarding?

Storyboarding is a visual representation that depicts how your video will unfold. It is made up of a number of squares with illustrations or pictures representing each shot. There are notes about what is happening during the scene and what’s being said in the script throughout the shot, like a comic book version of your script. 

Who needs storyboarding?

Storyboarding is a type of technique that is very commonly used in the television and film industry. It is an effective tool that is used for marketing campaigns, literary plots or any project where teams need to understand scenes. 

screenshot of an Onboarding Video

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From animation films to commercials, we bring your vision to life!

Turnaround depends on project size, but we deliver on deadline, every time!

Our flexible pricing fits your budget, from quick sketches to fully polished storyboards, ensuring your vision shines.

Our rates are personalized for your project - get a free quote and see!

Level 1

Basic Storyboarding Package
From 821 $
  • 1-2 concept sketches per scene
  • Simple stick figure drawings
  • Basic camera placement and movement illustrations
  • Equipment and equipment rental fees
  • Project management fees

Level 2

Advanced Storyboarding Package
From 1,708 $
  • All services from Level 1, plus:
  • 2-3 concept sketches per scene
  • Detailed illustrations with shading and character design
  • Advanced camera placement and movement illustrations
  • Basic animation timing included

Level 3

Premium Storyboarding Package
From 2,975 $
  • All services from Level 2, plus:
  • Advanced animation timing and special effects illustrations
  • Collaboration and revisions with the client to ensure satisfaction.
  • Social media packages

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