Effective Visual Strategies to Grab Attention in Videos

Videos include a clever mixture of both audio and visual elements, but the primary interest comes from the eye-catching nature of the visual display. Remember that many people browse YouTube, social media, and other websites looking for information with their sound muted, so you need to use visual clues to really grab their attention. How do you do this effectively from the start?

Choose Footage with a Lot of Motion

People’s eyes are drawn to movement. While videos are by definition moving pictures, some remain too static to really draw attention. Instead of a person standing behind a desk and talking to the audience, consider an action shot of people working on a project, machinery creating something, or some type of energetic display.

Use Eye-catching Graphic Accents

While staying true to your brand, choose graphics beyond your logo that are bold or create interest at a glance. These could consist of anything from a bright yellow star to a beautiful, misty photo of a flower. No matter what, go for high interest.

Add Unique and Colorful Typefaces

If the words in your video are too small, do not have enough contrast with the background, or are just plain font, they may not add enough visual interest to the project. Choose more decorative fonts for titles and use black and white, yellow and black, or other high-contrast combinations.

Surprise Viewers with Unique Ideas

The types of things that really catch the eye have unusual or surprising ideas behind them. If you sell shoes, a video of someone walking in shoes is quite expected. If you offer plumbing services, a plumber putting in a faucet makes sense. Go for the odd or creative instead. It will capture your audience‘s attention much more fully.