The Power of Helpful Videos in Attracting and Impressing Your Audience

While many videos created to promote a particular company have more to do with marketing to people than providing them with valuable information, making sure your content is helpful actually helps you attract more clients. Not only does your video have a greater chance of being shared, but it also gives the viewer a more robust view of your brand.

There are multiple types of helpful videos. Consider making one or more of the following to attract a bigger audience and impress them.

How-to or Tutorial Videos

No matter what type of product or service you sell, the buyer will need to use it in some way. If you sell fashionable scarves, you can create a video showing unique options for wearing them. If you sell website development services, you can give a general how-to on simple maintenance techniques to keep their website running smoothly. These types of tutorial videos can be quite simple and short with just a few tips, or much more extensive with entire projects contained within.

Fact-based Product or Service Comparisons

Although people do much of their purchasing research online, the sheer amount of information presented to them can cause confusion. Attract more people to what you have to offer and make them more likely to buy from you by giving them clear, factual information about different product or service types. After all, a video message is much easier to understand than static images or text.

There are many different options to choose from when it comes to the creation of helpful videos. The simple act of sharing information with your target audience makes you appear to be an industry expert. If you can do that, you are in an excellent position to get the sales or orders you need.