I will evaluate your needs and time constraints.

Your video messages
People and equipment needed
Video length and format
Distribution methods (TV, social media, etc.)
A shot list
Shoot location
Accessibility requirements

This is where we film your corporate, product, event, testimonial, marketing or E-learning video base on the pre-production plan.

I will work on the lighting, framing, composition and B-Roll (supplementary footage) that is included in the finished product.

I go over all the footage and select what is visually interesting to make your final product. At this moment I select and purchase the soundtrack with your approval and if applicable for your project. I make sure that the soundtrack matches the pace of the video.

My name is Bernardson,
I do video production

Bernardson is on a life-long mission to inspire his viewers through the power of visual storytelling. With an in-depth knowledge of what both personal and business evolution requires, he continues to innovate and foster strong connection with a plethora of current and emerging multimedia platforms. He is known for his exceptional visual aesthetics and brand building as a commercial videographer. Since 2013, he has researched, developed, and continuously fosters strong connections utilizing a plethora of current and emerging multimedia platforms, to grow clients’ business both nationally and internationally.


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