No matter what your reasons are for not including video production in your marketing toolbox, they do not make much sense when compared to success statistics. Time after time, studies and surveys of businesses and organizations engaged in internet marketing show that video tops the list of most effective methods. Ignoring these facts and failing to hire a professional video service can hurt your profits in the long run.

If you are still not convinced, consider these seven reasons to avoid using a Montreal video production expert and then learn why the reasons make no sense.

1 – Video Production Costs Too Much

Most valuable marketing methods require an investment. Hiring an expert video service company to handle the most beneficial one saves you money. It costs a lot more to hire a new employee or pay overtime for one to struggle through video creation without the proper skills.

2 – It Takes Too Much Time

With dedicated professionals on your side, Montreal video production takes less time than you think. The magic of videos comes from their ability to grab attention right away and provide evergreen content to help your overall strategy. Also, the results from using this form of marketing start happening immediately. You can’t beat that.

3 – Lack of Results

Short videos posted directly on your websites grab attention, but placement on social media boosts traffic more than any other marketing strategy. Your analytics will quickly show the type of positive impact that will drive more profits.

4 – It Doesn’t Fit Into Existing Marketing Budgets

Most companies engage in multiple types of marketing that include email, SEO, and social media posting strategies. If all of these things take up your entire marketing budget, it is time to audit the results and find a way to fit video into the mix.

5 – The Myth That Anyone Could Make a Great Video

“My kid could do that!” Many people believe that creating a professional-quality video is simple. They could whip something together in 20 minutes or so and save a lot of money and time. However, these amateur attempts do not get the results you want. Pro-level Montreal video production experts consider every aspect of your business and target market to develop a design that works.

6 – Believe That Other Methods Make Up for It

If other ads and optimization methods are bringing in traffic and conversions, why do you need video anyway? With statistics pointing so strongly to video as the main source of traffic and engagement – and the fact that the numbers grow every year – how can you afford to leave it out?

7 – Failure to Consult a True Professional

All of these and other myths about how video providers help any type of company or organization marketing efforts still exist because too many businesses fail to consult video service professionals. A lack of understanding about how video creates engagement and why an investment in it truly matters leads to excuses not to use it. With these and other myths busted, contacting a true professional is your next step on the way to success.