The Extended Life of Your Promotional Video

Okay, so you’ve invested money to make a promotional video for your brand or your business. Now the work is done and you’ve posted your video on a variety of social media platforms. Following that, you get a couple of hundred thousand views, and thousands of likes and now the hoopla has died down. Has the “shelf life” for that project expired and now it’s done, finito, kaput? Of course not!!!

  1. If you are a service or product industry, you can now use this video as a compliment to your pitch to your next potential clients. It will bring added value in the form of a visual aid to support your cost estimate For example: if you are a caterer and some one asks you for a price quote, don’t assume they’ve already seen your online material…send it to them. This is a great way to boost your cred and show off your stuff!
  2. How about a “behind the scenes” presentation that shows more about your company and how you work? As you have often seen on movie or television series videos – they ad “bonus” features like “behind the scenes” and other little video extras to garner more interest for the production. You can repurpose scenes from your original video to “lift up the curtain” and entice your current (and get new) social media followers and create new, fun mini-features to further impact your product or brand
  3. Make sure you ask your production team/agency about the different kind of formats they deliver so you can use your material on all your platforms whether it is a network broadcast or social media. You will probably also need a formatted version for your Facebook/Twitter cover page, Instagram Highlights, Snapchat story, Facebook story, etc. Most importantly ask them if all of this is included your cost projection.
  4. If you produced a winning campaign last year and it was a smash hit, why don’t you do what a lot of successful commercial producers do and make a “variation on the theme”? Take your existing material and rejig it, tweak it and you can generate even more revenue and save money ‘cause you didn’t have to do a whole new shoot!

Don’t let your video die an untimely death just because you got your one million views – you can resurrect it into a new incarnation and drive that baby around the block a few more times! And don’t forget to track your one line statistics and record your results for information that can help you do even better next time.