When planning video production for your company, what you do before actually creating it matters as much as the actual filming and editing. Whether you are interested in corporate video, advertising video, e-learning video, or other varieties, get ready to engage in the initial steps that will leave you with an exceptional finished project.

Pre-Production Steps

No matter what type of video you want in the end, the planning process always starts with your budget. How much can you afford? Although you may prefer to focus on the desired end result that your video is intended to bring, or an artistic vision that you want to share with the masses, it is important to understand how much money you have available to invest before you start.

After discussing your budget with me, we will work together to create a pre-production plan that takes the budget and your desired deadline into account. It takes time to create an exceptional finished product, and this is always the goal of my video production services for every client.

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Goals for Your Video

Besides your satisfaction, other goals exist for every video production project. Perhaps most importantly, you must focus on what the audience gets out of it. Are they introduced to your company or product line? Do you teach them how to do a particular task? Is your call to action strong enough so they get the message about what they should do next? There is no way to create a powerful video presentation without knowing the desired end results.

Pre-Production Results

By the time the setup is complete, I will have a clear picture of what you want, what you can afford, and how to deliver the right message to your audience. Other specific factors involved include the necessary production team, potential actors or spokespersons, equipment needs, and all information pertaining to the desired location of the shoot. Final planning, which takes your budget into account again, involves determining the length of the finished video, what format I will deliver it in, and the shot list or storyboard. Then, we’ll be ready to get started with the filming.