After I finalize preparations, the next step is to start filming. Production is both the most important and potentially time-consuming part of the process. Every aspect of your corporate, testimonial, educational, product-specific, or on-location video needs professional setup and shooting. It takes less time and brings a better end result if the scenes are shot correctly from the start. Although editing can fix many things, getting it right the first time is always better.

I go above and beyond to fill every aspect of the pre-production time with a high degree of excellence. In the quest to deliver the absolute best video production services for a one-man team in Montreal, I always film from multiple angles and take B-roll shots to help with editing in the post-production process. B-roll is a term used in the film industry for supplementary clips that are taken just in case they are needed during the project editing later on.

Different Aspects of Website Video Production

You may have seen a documentary or movie with videographers in them, so you might already know about all the equipment I have to bring to the location. Besides professional-quality cameras, I also need lighting, external microphones, and certain items that help create the appropriate scene for your corporate or e-learning video. Of course, if you want certain furniture or props in the footage, it helps if you supply that yourself.

Commercial video production companies understand the complexity of capturing the best footage so the editing process goes smoothly afterward. While you do not have to understand everything about the process, rest assured that I do everything possible to get you the absolute best finished project possible. For commercial, corporate, technical, or entertainment videos, the production process involves a diverse range of methods and equipment types to get the best shots and deliver exactly what you want to share with your audience.