Maximizing Sales Resources with Strategic Visual Marketing

I can guarantee that I will give you a superior resource to give you greater reach, elevate your image and visibility and enhance your brand. I will create valuable visual sales tools to really “pack a punch” in the presentation of your product or your company. The most important question you need to ask is; do YOU know how to maximize a good sales resource and are you constantly researching and using better methods and platforms to sell your product? If you do that – then my videos and photos can take you far.

One of the biggest misconceptions in this day and age of massive global internet traffic and consumption – is that if you pay a videographer to make a video for you and you post it online, it will go viral. The answer is; timing and luck can shoot your video to great heights. However the REALITY is; you really need to combine your visual resource with a carefully planned campaign and strategy to increase your chances.

Just posting a video with no plan is like playing the lottery; your chances are as good as everyone else’s… which is low.

Every business has different methods of keeping track of their online presence as well as how to gage the success of their campaigns to better manage their marketing line of attack. When your visuals are attached with a solid and creative approach you WILL get results.

Aside from a well planned operation, you need to really know your clients and their markets. These are basics that many advertisers often forget. All social media platforms keep statistics about your followers. With the proper tracking plug-in on your website, you can track who is visiting your site(s). With this crucial information – you can integrate specific visuals into your photos and videos and it’s easier to mount a campaign that will be more lucrative for your business.

Some questions to ask before the shoot

  • What are my goals?
  • What do I want a do with the visuals?

Some examples below:

  • bring awareness and excitement to my brand
  • reach more potential clients
  • inform my current followers
  • Reconnect with past customers
  • Can I track the results of my campaign?