What do you do next after the video service production team in Toronto hands over your video file for use? You already accomplished the first important step by engaging the services of an expert group to create a powerful video that will work for your company. Now, you need to understand the most beneficial video optimization hacks that will turn that one file into a powerful tool to help your brand succeed all across the internet.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Titles and Headings

Every single piece of content you post on the Internet needs search engine optimization. This pertains to blog posts, Instagram comments, and videos you intend to share with your targeted consumer base. The most important aspects of SEO for videos include using your well-researched, high-traffic, low-competition keyword phrases in the titles and headings in both the video itself and the included transcript.

Optimize Your Website Page or Platform

Your video is only as powerful as the platform that hosts it. If you only post on YouTube or any other professional page, you are bound by its general structure. Still, optimize the description that accompanies your video. On your own page or website, ensure that the media loads quickly and smoothly, and the rest of the page content aligns with its purpose well.

Video and Photo Production - Bernardson - Video Optimization Hacks for Post-Production - photography montreal - photography in toronto - videography montreal - videography toronto - video production montreal - video production toronto - production servicesWrite a Compelling, Brand-Specific Description

The video description must showcase the content, align with your company’s message and brand story, and convince people to watch, click, or head somewhere else to make a purchase or sign up for a list. Your description, since it is text, gives you another great opportunity for powerful SEO.

Include Effective Metadata

The metadata is all about optimization, too. You need the right keyword phrases, associated content, and effective descriptions to propel your video page up Google’s search engine results. Like metadata on a webpage, the words you use for your video are included in the same file. They identify and help classify it effectively.

Offer a 100% Accurate Transcription

Another great opportunity for optimization after your video is complete involves getting an accurate and well-written transcription completed. First of all, some people cannot or do not want to actually watch the video and listen to the accompanying audio. The transcript helps them experience your content, too. Also, providing the content of the video in written form improves the power of the overall marketing strategy.