You know video content is a powerful way to get attention. However, if you make these common errors, all your work and investment will not get you the results you expect and need to succeed in business on the internet. In order to reap all the benefits of video service production skills, avoid making these five mistakes during the creation and posting process.

1 – Wasting Time by Not Optimizing

Marketing videos are created in order to grab people’s attention and keep it. This is absolutely impossible if you skip the optimization step. Optimization ensures that you deliver a high-quality piece of media content, and also makes it accessible for more people on more devices. Failure to optimize can destroy an entire video marketing campaign before it even begins.

2 – Failing to Post or Delayed Posting

If you keep waiting for the perfect video or the perfect time, you may never post anything at all. While a clever marketing schedule makes sense, any anxiety or reticence to post gets in the way of progress. When you have a finished video, and it is properly optimized and aligned with an overall marketing strategy, go ahead and post it.

3 – Not Collecting Data or Tracking Video Views

If you do not collect information about how well the video is performing, how much traffic it attracts, and if the visitors click through to your other platforms, how will you know if it works at all? Any company must use analytics to quantify success rates on video and other advertising methods. Failure to do this results in a lot of wasted time, money, and opportunity for success.

4 – Not Fully Integrating Your Brand

You may have the best video in the world – well-optimized, entertaining, and informative – but if it does not integrate fully with your brand identity, you will miss out on conversions. A specialized video production expert should balance mentions of your company with other content. Also, the overall look and feel of everything from a product review clip to a YouTube tutorial should match what you want your brand to say about your business.

5 – Missing Out on Captions

Not only does refusal to add proper captions to your video ignore hard-of-hearing consumers, it also makes it difficult for people viewing on the go to get your message. After all, few people watching a marketing video on their phone want to have the sound on loud. Captions also provide an opportunity for some search engine optimization. You can also add almost twice as much information to a video with both informative captions and audio playing at the same time.