Interviews, E-Learning, Advertising, Promotional, Music, Product and Service Launches, Gastronomy (Foodie, Cuisine, Wine, etc.) – Behind the Scenes

I have filmed over 100 videos of interviews during festivals, galas, fashion weeks, wine and food tastings as well as corporate presentations. I weave important promotional elements and branding into the story line of each video. In addition I have produced a plethora of short promotional videos for local causes, charities, and independent business.

For clients who need to start from scratch, I can create original concepts and design, do the production and edit all of my videos. For clients who come with a prepared concept, I do my best to elevate their vision with innovative and attractive elements to better promote their products and services. My E-learning videos were created for internal stakeholders and private enterprises.

Viral food videos are a “big thing” online and food/cuisine/gastronomy are amount the most popular videos I have published on a variety of social media platforms. Finally, my business is structured to be able to produce for big corporations as well as for developing and small businesses.

Demo Reel from Bernardson on Vimeo.

Food Reel from Bernardson on Vimeo.