I have worked with many different types and sizes of business from large corporations to “start ups”, from the restaurant to the E-learning industry. It’s often important for a videographer to mention the types of companies they have worked with, so potential clients can see the diversity of the project portfolio. This information defines ones work and ones creativity. The portfolio also defines your work ethic and therefore your credibility.

I’m a creative person and I have performed on a diverse scape of projects. To assist my clients – I also promote their work in my online portfolio; featuring their businesses and that extends their reach. I publish work relating to businesses, corporations and entrepreneurs. As part of my journey I have come to learn that each entity manages their projects in a different way. Some ventures decide to delete their past projects because they don’t align with their new branding or maybe they are going in a different direction all together. Because of this, I keep careful track of all my projects and carefully document them. This crucial step helps companies, corporations and individual clients follow what I do and how I do it. And this in turn keeps us all “up to date”.

Here is a recent list of my projects:

In the restaurant business I have worked with:

• Baton Rouge Restaurant (that is now became integrated into MYI GROUP.)
• Allo Mon Coco (Breakfast restaurant)
Restaurant Akwaba (local restaurant)
• Sophia Service Traiteur (catering)
• Weinstein & Gavino’s

• Parfum Joseph
• Samos Wine

Event industry
• Okazion
• Artezzia
• Art Selah
• Black Foodie

• Svens Telemaque
• Sophia Sanon
• Eden Hagos

• Summit Service (part of Momentum Travel)

• Club de soccer de Chomedey
• Taste of the Caribbean
• Shield of Athena
• Federation des autismes du Quebec
• The Keke Show
Montreal Caribbean Fashion Week

If you have questions about the work I have done with any one of these organizations or companies and you cannot find it online. Please let me know and I will be happy to send you a sample of the work.