Enhancing Businesses Through Creative Videography and Strategic Insights

I was really attracted to all the creative possibilities videography presented and also had a passion for business. I purchased my first professional camera in 2013 and continued to add new gear each year. Being able to connect with a multitude of new enterprises and gaining invaluable knowledge about so many different industries has been an amazing experience.

I started my journey by teaching myself how to film and edit.

After that, I used my college and university education in accounting, public relations and entrepreneurship to build my brand. Having to deal with the challenges of building my company, while studying at the same time, transformed me into a solid and efficient multi-tasker. I also became better qualified to evaluate the vulnerabilities and strengths of the businesses I work with.

The skills I acquired have improved my ability to give a better, more-tailored service approach to businesses, organizations and corporations. I really understand that: budget and timing are paramount to any potential campaign. End result? The videos I provide to my clients give them a greater reach to foster a bigger bottom line.