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Raw footage - Why is not a “given”, to get it along with the final cut.

One of my more popular “products” are two-minute short videos. They can be for broadcast advertising, a presentation for sales or an on-line You Tube demo, etc. Now when I shoot these videos it takes a lot of time to put the whole thing together. I have to do pre-production for the shoot, do the shoot and of course prepare the final edit just for those two “perfect” minutes. It can also take up as much as 20 to 30 gigs (of raw footage) on my...

What type of companies have you previously worked with?

I have worked with many different types and sizes of business from large corporations to “start ups”, from the restaurant to the E-learning industry. It’s often important for a videographer to mention the types of companies they have worked with, so potential clients can see the diversity of the project portfolio. This information defines ones work and ones creativity. The portfolio also defines your work ethic and therefore your...

What Type of Videos I Produce?

Interviews, E-Learning, Advertising, Promotional, Music, Product and Service Launches, Gastronomy (Foodie, Cuisine, Wine, etc.) - Behind the Scenes I have filmed over 100 videos of interviews during festivals, galas, fashion weeks, wine and food tastings as well as corporate presentations. I weave important promotional elements and branding into the story line of each video. In addition I have produced a plethora of short promotional videos for...

What equipment and editing software do I use to produce my video?

I started as a Canon user and I also owned Panasonic GH4 while slowly doing the transition to Sony starting with the A7SII. I have a large inventory of equipment from led light panels, reflectors, wireless flash triggers, a 360 turntable, backdrops, stands, stabilizers, various lenses, sliders, external monitors, tripods etc. Most of my cameras record in 4K. I use Adobe Creative Suite to edit my videos and photos (Premier Pro, After Effect,...

Where can I shoot your video?

I am available to travel around the world for project. My video production company was founded in the province of Quebec and during the summer of 2018 we will be opening a second location in Toronto as well. Basically, I can shoot and record anywhere a camera can go no limits! Behind the Scene - Cancun from Bernardson on...

Why did I Become a Commercial Videographer?

I was really attracted to all the creative possibilities videography presented and also had a passion for business. I purchased my first professional camera in 2013 and continued to add new gear each year. Being able to connect with a multitude of new enterprises and gaining invaluable knowledge about so many different industries has been an amazing experience. I started my journey by teaching myself how to film and edit. After that, I used my...

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