We are living in an age where; possessing the most amount of content is a key resource. We are constantly trying to appeal to new followers to generate more revenue. While each photo shoot will generate its own new share of images, there is almost always a need to add on more visual resources. Trying to cover all the bases (during each shoot) can be time consuming and expensive. So why not repurpose images from bank of pre-shot images and integrate them into the current shoot for a whole new dimension and dynamism. For example if your social media platforms are Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn you could potentially need:
  • Facebook photos
  • Facebook videos
  • Facebook stories
  • Instagram stories
  • Instagram highlights
  • Instagram carrousels
  • LinkedIn photos
  • LinkedIn articles
If you are using a service like IFTTT.com you have the ability to manage a more effortless way to spread you content more efficiently on multiple platforms. Your followers are not connected on all of their platforms at the same time. So if you post on Twitter they will not see it on Facebook. Every platform has a different algorithm and this means content is prioritized in a different matter. Before putting a photo or video in the archives and forgetting about it – you have to make sure you are able to use it on all of your social media which includes; your websites, in documents/brochures, in slideshows or in a video.