Defining the Scope of Your Video Project

One of the important factors in determining budget and working with a professional video production services team is defining the scope of your overall project. This is often one of the first steps in the entire process.

What does video project scope mean, anyway?

Project scope involves the extensive planning that goes into determining what you actually want in the finished video and what you need from the commercial production company. This includes goals, specific tasks, budget information, when you want it all done by, and what the final product should include.

How much outside help do you need?

Another large part of defining video project scope involves looking at how much of the creation and production job you can do yourself or in-house at your own company. For example, perhaps you already have some marketing clips or video demonstrations of a product that you can include in the finished film. Maybe the CEO wants to speak about corporate growth rather than hiring a voice actor.

Of course, the reason to approach a professional video creation team like ours comes from your inability to do the entire thing yourself. We have the expertise and experience to work within your project scope and ensure the proper and timely delivery of a finished project you can be proud of.

What are your desired video project deliverables?

This is a market-specific way of asking what you want the end result to look like and include. Deliverables are everything that the production company or videographer delivers to you at the very end. This is what you pay for. When working with the production team, you do not just say “I would like a video for my company website” and leave it at that. It’s important to find the scope by pinpointing specific aspects or examples you need included for your satisfaction.