Three Questions to Ask for Video Budgeting

As soon as you decide that video marketing, corporate video, or the creation of e-learning content is part of your business plan, you have to start thinking about a budget. After all, professional-quality work does cost money, and you do not want to skimp out on weak or unattractive content. In order to define your own video budget, ask yourself the following three questions.

What is the scope of this project?

One single, short video to post on social media will obviously cost much less than an educational series designed to train employees in a new computer system. The scope of your project influences the cost quite a lot. If you are unsure what kind of plan to make, talk with me for some ideas about what video can do for you.

What type of videodo  I need to make?

Do you need an on-location video with multiple camera angles, actors and spokespersons, and fancy editing effects? Or perhaps you are just looking for a simple video that highlights the product with a voiceover and some on-screen text. The complexity; costs for things like music, sound effects, and hiring actors; and getting permission to film at a particular location all must factor into your budget. If you do not have a lot of money to invest in video production for commercial purposes, you will need to simplify your plans.

How much can I invest for the expected ROI?

If you have never tried advertising video production and posting before, it may be difficult to figure out what kind of return you will get on your investment. With a professional Montréal website video production team behind you, you can expect positive results.

However, in life and marketing there are no guarantees. How much working capital do you have available to invest in a commercial production company’s help?