Every video production project I handle comes with its own unique price point. This is due to the dynamic nature of video production service needs and the many different characteristics that your video may have. For example, a 20-minute corporate video could cost less than a five-minute e-learning video production project. It all begins with a clear discussion about your needs and what you want the finished video to do for your company or organization.

Things that affect the price of video production services include:

• The overall length of the finished video
• Whether you need one or more locations filmed
• The complexity of the setting and need for lighting gear
• How many people are involved for presentations, interviews, etc.
• The cost of any stock footage, stills, music, or sound effects
• Any last-minute changes or reshooting necessary

While all the reasons for video pricing matter, ones that add to the overall complexity, increase the base cost, or necessitate changing the final form in any considerable way definitely make the overall price higher. Please discuss all the possibilities with me before approving the project no matter what type of video you need. Because I give custom quotes to every client, there are no set prices for specific lengths or formats.

After all of these details are worked out, I send you an itemized quote so you know exactly what you are paying for. My projects usually come with multiple versions and formats so you can use your finished video project on as many platforms as possible. These sometimes cost more, and we can discuss any other changes you’d like at this time. Once you sign off and approve the price quote, I will start your project and finish it and on schedule.