Technology businesses The technology arena is fast and ever-changing and its part of my job to constantly research the latest trends, mobile apps, equipment and platforms, etc… so I can help my clients by using the best resources to promote their products. My clients also need to understand how I use things such as data tracking, social media strategy, email management and sales funnels to give them a targeted and maximum reach. Academic institutions While most people understand that education is important, not everybody understands the value of a formal training. So when promoting education as a business I have to find a way to make the education process, whether it is a language, cooking, or a technical institute – I have to make sure that potential students understand that education in not only necessary, but key for success. It gives them the edge in finding sustainable employment. In the churn job market, where you may have more than one job in your lifetime, you have to remain competitive. For example; Yahoo is a company that only hires college graduates. If have not completed a formal education they won’t consider you. Self-made business people. These clients are often building an organization based on their passion (and obsession) for their product. However, trying to sell your passion, which may seem obvious to you, is not always obvious to the outside world. These clients may be self-made success stories to start with but they don’t always have the knowledge or training to build an empire from the ground up. This includes the use of well produced and strategically targeted marketing tools. These clients don’t always understand that; you have to spend money to make money. They think that an inexpensive campaign …it’s enough. It’s not. A fast and cheaply fabricated promotion can even be a detriment to your business. To be successful, all businesses have to understand the philosophy behind proper branding, targeted marketing and clear and dynamic communication.