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Create Helpful Videos to Attract a Bigger Audience

While many videos created to promote a particular company have more to do with marketing to people than providing them with valuable information, making sure your content is helpful actually helps you attract more clients. Not only does your video have a greater chance of being shared, but it also gives the viewer a more robust view of your brand. There are multiple types of helpful videos. Consider making one or more of the following to attract a...

The Importance of Quality Audio in Video Production

When people first think of video, most may consider it a visual type of medium. After all, people watch videos, and the graphics and clips used should convey the bulk of the information found within. However, people also listen to videos, which makes the audio a very important part of the whole production. Practical Considerations for Quality Audio How do you ensure that the audio in your video project has excellent quality? The first thing to...

Short and Sweet: Get to the Point for Powerful Videos

When people see a marketing video, one introducing a product or service, or any other type of video associated with their new favorite brand, they do not want to sit there for an hour as a spokesperson drones on or repetitive clips play over and over. Short and specific marketing videos can make more of an impact than excessively long ones. Follow these tips to create an impactful video that is short, affordable, and highly effective. 1 – Narrow...

Top Tips to Make a Video More Eye-Catching

Videos include a clever mixture of both audio and visual elements, but the primary interest comes from the eye-catching nature of the visual display. Remember that many people browse YouTube, social media, and other websites looking for information with their sound muted, so you need to use visual clues to really grab their attention. How do you do this effectively from the start? Choose Footage with a Lot of Motion People's eyes are drawn to...

Your Guide to Understanding Video Budgets

How much does it cost to have a professional video produced? That's a bit like asking how heavy a rock is. Rocks can be tiny pebbles or huge boulders, and videos may be short, inexpensive teaser clips or much longer, detailed productions with many elements. Understanding a video budget entails consideration of all the different parts and processes that go into videos. Of course, the professional team you hire will give you a detailed description...

Does Diversity Matter in Video Production Projects?

The world is a big, wonderful, and highly diverse place, and it makes sense to target your marketing efforts accordingly. It does not matter if you run a global business or simply focus on your own country or region—people from all demographics exist everywhere. If you do not include diversity in your video production projects, you just might miss out on a huge section of consumers that are eager to hear what you have to say. From a marketing...

Understand Your Audience for Effective Video Production

Anyone can hire a professional team to create a video that has something to do with their company brand, products, or services. However, if you want this marketing method to truly create a powerful impression, you need to understand your audience. When you know what they are looking for and figure out how to give it to them, you have truly made a wise marketing decision. More than any other method used these days, video makes a huge impact on any...

How to Track Video Success with Social Media?

Social media insight tracking gives you valuable information about how successful your video marketing efforts are. In order to understand your return on the video production investment, you need to know how many people have viewed it and what action they took afterward. Did your call to action work? Did your video content engage the right target audience effectively? When you combine the two most powerful types of online marketing – videos and...

Top 3 Ways to Save Money with Video for Your Business

Video marketing represents a highly affordable way to get the word out about your company, organization, products and services, or special offer. After you invest in high-quality video production services from a qualified videographer and editing team, there are numerous ways that powerful piece of content can benefit your brand. Most of all, it allows you to save money over other costly advertising methods. 1 – One Video Can Be Used Multiple...

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