Tracking Video Marketing Success on Social Media: Key Metrics to Monitor

Social media insight tracking gives you valuable information about how successful your video marketing efforts are. In order to understand your return on the video production investment, you need to know how many people have viewed it and what action they took afterward. Did your call to action work? Did your video content engage the right target audience effectively?

When you combine the two most powerful types of online marketing – videos and social media – you have an automatic success combo in many cases. However, there are still a lot of opportunities to make mistakes and suffer from lack of engagement. The best way to figure out if your videos are doing their best is to use social media insight data tracking and analysis methods. All of the main social media platforms allow you to keep track of views, likes, and follows, but these are just the start of the entire success equation.

Important Metrics to Track for Video Marketing Success

There are three main things to keep track of if you want to know how your videos are doing on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. First, utilize the built-in analytics that tell you how many people saw a particular post. This metric is called the “impressions” and it gives you information about how interesting things looked at a glance and your search engine optimization efforts.

Second, pay attention to how many people like or comment on the video. This lets you know just how interesting the entire production is. You can judge if the video effectively performed its job of entertaining or informing people of whatever message you wanted to convey.

Third, track how many people did what your call to action told them to. When you post the video on social media, the main goal should be to have them click through to your website, visit your blog, buy a particular product, contact you, or sign up for your newsletter list. Whatever your desired action is, you need to check your social media analytics and compare them to the corresponding action on your website to see how effective the marketing campaign was.