Tips for Creating Impactful and Short Marketing Videos

When people see a marketing video, one introducing a product or service, or any other type of video associated with their new favorite brand, they do not want to sit there for an hour as a spokesperson drones on or repetitive clips play over and over. Short and specific marketing videos can make more of an impact than excessively long ones. Follow these tips to create an impactful video that is short, affordable, and highly effective.

1 – Narrow Things Down to What’s Most Important

Why are you making this video? What do you want the audience to do after watching it? Only include the most useful and vital parts of a short video to save time and money. People have very busy lives these days, and they do not want to wait around for something interesting or valuable to happen. Engage the services of a quality video editor to keep things short.

2 – Cut Extraneous Footage

Marketing videos are a combination of art and advertising. Avoid long clips of things that do not add much to the overall message. One cast with the fishing rod you’re trying to sell is enough. Viewers don’t have to watch the angler stand around and reel in a fish.

3 – Get to the Main Message Quickly

What do you want your audience to do? Whatever the short video‘s purpose, get to it right away and do not waste time. Display your product, announce a special sale, or teach a new idea in as few steps as possible.

4 – Avoid Excessive Repetition

While most marketers understand that repeating things like a special offer or a call to action helps encourage people to remember it, you do not need to repeat everything for a short video to be effective. After all, the viewers can always watch it again right away.