Building Brand Credibility with Video Marketing

Even if video was not the most popular content type in the world of online marketing today, you would still want one or more videos to help you build your brand on the internet. What is it about video that makes people sit up and take notice over blog posts or even podcasts?

Of course, moving images catch the eye much more quickly than text does. Video engages audiences more fully and can impart more information in a shorter amount of time with less effort. The top reason, however, why you want to include video in your overall marketing strategy is that it lends credibility to everything you say. Your brand instantly looks more professional and popular. You become an expert in your field.

How to Gain Credibility With Video

First of all, a video production just looks more impressive. People think videos cost more to produce than written content, so they automatically think you have more value than someone with a boring blog. When you take pride in presentation quality by hiring a professional team, that power increases exponentially.

Second, it’s important to always deliver excellent content that brings value to your audience members. The more information or entertainment you give them for free, the more they will believe you have something else of value to offer.

Finally, video gives your audience an up-close-and-personal look at who you are and what you stand for. When you talk to potential customers or clients directly, they become more comfortable with doing business with you. These days, people want a more personal connection to the companies or organizations they engage with. A video makes it seem like you are coming right into their home or their smart phone and speaking directly to them. This definitely gives more credibility than any other type of media content.