When it comes to shooting and editing videos – a lot of people are under the misconception that: “It’s super easy – and anyone can do it”. Most people have the basic equipment that includes; their smart phone and a free video editing program they downloaded off the net. However, that basic equipment only gives you a basic video.

But what about when you really want to do a serious commercial, or pitch or a sharp, crisp, finally tuned end product that could also include a wedding or a corporate presentation? That’s when you need a professional videographer who will show you the difference between; the quality of an amateur “Facebook” live video and a professional product that truly engages and excites your viewing audience.

So to answer the question: “Why should I hire a videographer” – I decided to have a video production showcase event at our studios on February 10th of this year. The idea behind this was to show people the step-by-step shooting process including; the interviews, the set ups, the directing, the equipment, and time it takes to get a professional and exciting final product.

I partnered with broadcast host and performance coach Eramelinda Boquer. She was there to do the in-take interviews, media coaching and give our guests the basics of on-camera training. During this event, aside from personal training, guests got to see all the steps I went through to create their demo video.

This event was a big success with non-stop traffic of happy guests who also had a chance to meet and mingle with other business people to foster new relationships. While my invitees were waiting for their turn at the camera, the rest of the guests exchanged ideas and sampled fine Creole cuisine from Sophie Services Traiteur. I also shot in different locations in our studios to give a variety of looks for the shoot. The following are the basic steps to my production process.

Step 1 initial meeting

You talk, I listen and we get to know each other and together we find out the “who, what, when, where, why, and how’s” of your business/product/event. This way, I can tailor-make the shoot to really create the most dynamic and effective content for your needs.

Step 2 Pre production

We outline, refine and then cement the details of your concept, as well as, finalize the production details (including location, scripts if needed, dates, props, wardrobe etc) for your photo shoot or video shoot.

Step 3 Production

I create many different set-ups during the shoot, because your videos have to stimulating and exceptional. I want your video to be fluid; to move seamlessly from shot to shot creating a “storyline” that people will want to watch from beginning to end.

Step 4 Editing

I have a variety of editing equipment and software that allows me to manipulate all the images into a matchless and inimitable final product.

Step 5 Delivery

This is how I deliver the final product and in terms of type of format and for what platform it is to be shown on.

Conclusion: The event ended up exceeding my expectations both in furthering my visibility/brand and having a successful showcase for my business with real-time feedback. I learned more about what potential clients need and my invitees were incredibly happy with their training and shooting experience. This included; learning more about how to properly boost the image and content they want to present, as well as, how to better display their products or businesses.