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2018 “To-Do List” And The New Opening of My Video Production Office in Toronto

Most people make resolutions and goals at the beginning of the New Year but to be successful you constantly have to raise the bar – and that means new resolutions and goals every single day. Once I achieve one goal, I put more in front of me immediately because this is how business expands and grows. Let’s just say that my “To-Do-List” is a never ending exercise. We have just completed the rebranding of BLJ Films Inc. with a new...

Do you have a complete portfolio of your work?

If you are looking for examples of my work, you will be able to find them on my online portfolio. There you will find a broad selection of my work (video and photos) This includes shoots from Ontario, Quebec, Mexico and Dubai and this is all available on my website at, my Instagram and Facebook account @bernardsoncom Let connect Facebook Instagram LinkedIn My...

Creating my first video networking and showcasing event

When it comes to shooting and editing videos – a lot of people are under the misconception that: “It’s super easy – and anyone can do it”. Most people have the basic equipment that includes; their smart phone and a free video editing program they downloaded off the net. However, that basic equipment only gives you a basic video. But what about when you really want to do a serious commercial, or pitch or a sharp, crisp, finally tuned end...

A way to take better photos!

This is the story of my very first photo shoot in the Hatta desert. Back in 2015, one year after I started my videography business, I went on a trip to Dubai. I started as a videographer and this great opportunity just came along - to do a photo shoot in the famous Hatta Desert. (A real UAE tourist hotspot) It all started with a creative idea of doing a photo shoot for an awareness campaign (about visual impairment) Maryam Ganni and I had...

“Likes” and “views” don’t always equal revenue

Social media can feel like “high school”. The paradigm here is; if you are not presenting as the most “popular kid in the class” or not the one getting the most attention – then you “appear” to be not popular. So if we translate this thought into the social media universe – if feels like if you are not getting a boat-load of “likes” and “views” you may think that you are not reaching people or not successful. Not true. When...

How important is brand creation?

Do you really need to create a brand for your business and is it important? I see this debate on many forums, on multiple platforms and those discussions often get extremely heated. I have had a lot of intense exchanges with graphic designers and marketers resulting in a plethora of diverse responses and views. Before stating my beliefs, please understand that it’s MY personal opinion and based on MY experience. I am seeing multiple companies...

My Journey to Becoming a Commercial Videographer in Montréal

Today I’m starting my blog. I am a videographer based in Montréal and soon I will have a second location in Toronto as well. How I started? My journey into commercial videography started with video editing. I became enamoured with editing videos when I was creating my first promotional nightlife video. After a few months of streamlining my video editing procedures and seeing the remarkable results first hand (views, likes and shares) I decided...

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