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Kayshia Fils-Aimé
Kayshia Fils-Aimé
Kayshia Fils-Aimé, known as Kay Cassendo, Haitian-Canadian from Laval, juggles with her passion for music. Her true energy shines on stage, as evidenced by her captivating introduction video. In her biography, she describes herself as an independent woman who prefers to let others court her. Using memorable expressions like "Vis ta vinaigrette," a popular song by Marc Drouin, she showcases her spontaneity. Her self-confidence, confidently expressed in a well-mastered blend of French and English (franglais), promises a truly dynamic performance when her passion takes center stage. During her adventure on "Occupation Double Afrique du Sud," she dives straight into the action, being in the first house, thus avoiding the red carpet. She is an artist worth discovering, absolutely ready to illuminate the stage.
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