This is the story of my very first photo shoot in the Hatta desert. Back in 2015, one year after I started my videography business, I went on a trip to Dubai. I started as a videographer and this great opportunity just came along – to do a photo shoot in the famous Hatta Desert. (A real UAE tourist hotspot) It all started with a creative idea of doing a photo shoot for an awareness campaign (about visual impairment) Maryam Ganni and I had thought about two weeks before. We had no experience doing this sort of thing but we just decided to go for it. 

If you ask me “what went right”? Well, I can tell you basically, that we managed to get it done. We drove from Dubai to Hatta, around a 45 minute drive outside of the city. For about an hour we rushed to set it up before the sunset and somehow we made it happen. The lesson we learn was to persevere until we reach our goal. Did we get the perfect photo? No, but one thing for sure is we didn’t leave empty handed.