Tips for Delivering a Professional Performance in Your DIY Video Ads

Companies with large budgets for marketing frequently hire an actor or spokesperson to read their prepared script or adlib about a certain product, service, or piece of information. These people are trained professionals who have learned how to sound great, speak smoothly, and avoid all the ums, ehs and ahs that may make your video sound less than polished. However, if you intend to invest in video ads with a smaller budget, or you simply want a more personal touch from someone within your organization, you can certainly do it yourself with a high degree of success.

The following three tips will help you deliver a professional performance even if you have never done any voice acting or video presentations before.

Recognize Your Weaknesses

In order to determine if you need a professional speaker to represent your brand in a video, remain completely objective about your own abilities or the abilities of the person in your organization you want to use. Do not let ego or budgetary concerns get in your way. An unprofessional video with a poor speaker may do more harm than good to your overall marketing strategy.

Get Sufficient Practice

Even if anxiety threatens to ruin your vocal performance, practice can help alleviate some of this problem and many others. Of course, start with an excellent script or collection of notes to guide what you want to say. Then, practice frequently to ensure you remember enough to speak smoothly during filming.

Seek Out Help

If you are not the best choice to represent your brand, consider another employee or member of the organization. For the good of the firm or a bonus, someone who is more comfortable with public speaking and has a smoother tone of voice may step into the role. If not, consider working with a trainer or coach to improve your performance.