Creating Effective Teaser Videos: 5 Key Elements

If you just want to get someone’s attention before sharing a big offer or additional content with them, consider using a short yet powerful teaser video. These do not take much time to create and are frequently less expensive to produce than longer videos, so they give you an excellent opportunity for extra marketing in a budget-friendly way.

Use These 5 Key Elements of Teaser Videos

1 – Keep it short. The ideal teaser video may be just 30 seconds long. They are designed to give just a taste of information that compels the viewer to look closer. Remember that these are supposed to be displayed as pop-ups or small widget blocks on a website or shared on social media. They are not things that people sit down with a bowl of popcorn and watch for education or entertainment.

2 – Pick a tight focus. Do not try to share everything in one short teaser. Focus on a product, service, special offer, or a specific point of information. If you want to create a mood-inspired teaser, make sure to focus on emotive visuals and sounds.

3 – Show off your brand. Always get your company name and logo displayed prominently in the teaser video. If you are only running the teaser on your company page and have a strong brand identity, this is not necessary. Make sure you include contact information in the description of the post, too. Any advertising or content creation you do needs to include these things.

4 – Keep the energy and excitement level high. Unless it doesn’t particularly suit your brand, make teasers energetic and intriguing. This helps you catch attention faster and keep it.

5 – Create a powerful call to action. Tell the viewers what you want them to do in the middle or at the end of the teaser video. Do you want them to visit your site, check out the product, or sign up for a list? In order to make the teaser effective, it needs to lead somewhere else.