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Create an Efficient Video Production Schedule

When you decide to use a professional videographer and editing team to create marketing, educational, or entertaining content for your company or organization, it makes sense to create schedule before you start. This could match a real or self-imposed deadline, or simply exist to make sure you align all your other efforts with the video project. After all, videos exist in conjunction with many other types of activities you can do to benefit your...

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Triumph Over Fear to Produce a Great Brand Video

One of the biggest roadblocks during the video production process comes from fear and anxiety. If you are going to do the voices or any of the presentation in the video, being exceptionally nervous can get in the way of delivering a smooth performance. These are several important things to remember to keep you on track. Everyone Makes Mistakes One of the universal truths of life is that everyone makes a mistake occasionally. Once you understand...

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Seven Vital Video-Shooting Tips for a Pro Project

Shooting a professional-quality video project requires many different elements all included at the best possible level. If you get these all correct, you are sure to have a higher-quality video for whatever purpose you desire. Clothing – Wear clothing appropriate for the brand or position you represent. This could be anything from a three-piece suit to a funny costume to a printed T-shirt with the name of your organization. Hair – Be neat...

Do You Need to Be a Professional Speaker to Represent Your Brand?

Companies with large budgets for marketing frequently hire an actor or spokesperson to read their prepared script or adlib about a certain product, service, or piece of information. These people are trained professionals who have learned how to sound great, speak smoothly, and avoid all the ums, ehs and ahs that may make your video sound less than polished. However, if you intend to invest in video ads with a smaller budget, or you simply want a more...

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Why did I Become a Commercial Videographer?

I was really attracted to all the creative possibilities videography presented and also had a passion for business. I purchased my first professional camera in 2013 and continued to add new ge...