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Month: April 2019

Understand Your Audience for Effective Video Production

Anyone can hire a professional team to create a video that has something to do with their company brand, products, or services. However, if you want this marketing method to truly create a powerful impression, you need to understand your audience. When you know what they are looking for and figure out how to give it to them, you have truly made a wise marketing decision. More than any other method used these days, video makes a huge impact on any...

How to Track Video Success with Social Media?

Social media insight tracking gives you valuable information about how successful your video marketing efforts are. In order to understand your return on the video production investment, you need to know how many people have viewed it and what action they took afterward. Did your call to action work? Did your video content engage the right target audience effectively? When you combine the two most powerful types of online marketing – videos and...

Top 3 Ways to Save Money with Video for Your Business

Video marketing represents a highly affordable way to get the word out about your company, organization, products and services, or special offer. After you invest in high-quality video production services from a qualified videographer and editing team, there are numerous ways that powerful piece of content can benefit your brand. Most of all, it allows you to save money over other costly advertising methods. 1 – One Video Can Be Used Multiple...

5 Key Elements of an Effective Teaser Video

If you just want to get someone's attention before sharing a big offer or additional content with them, consider using a short yet powerful teaser video. These do not take much time to create and are frequently less expensive to produce than longer videos, so they give you an excellent opportunity for extra marketing in a budget-friendly way. Use These 5 Key Elements of Teaser Videos 1 – Keep it short. The ideal teaser video may be just 30...

What Does Your Payment Cover for Video Production?

When you order video production service from a professional company, your payment should cover everything to do with actually creating the video. Unfortunately, some people have the wrong idea about what else is included in their production package. Read on to learn more about what you get, what you do not get, and what you have to invest more in if you want the video to truly impact your business in a positive way. Everything You Pay For in Video...

How to Define Your Video Project Scope?

One of the important factors in determining budget and working with a professional video production services team is defining the scope of your overall project. This is often one of the first steps in the entire process. What does video project scope mean, anyway? Project scope involves the extensive planning that goes into determining what you actually want in the finished video and what you need from the commercial production company. This...

Three Questions to Ask for Video Budgeting

As soon as you decide that video marketing, corporate video, or the creation of e-learning content is part of your business plan, you have to start thinking about a budget. After all, professional-quality work does cost money, and you do not want to skimp out on weak or unattractive content. In order to define your own video budget, ask yourself the following three questions. What is the scope of this project? One single, short video to post on...

Social Media Marketing – How Many Videos to Post?

Before you even decide how much advertising video production you need for your social media marketing campaigns, first figure out which platform is the best for your message. After all, different demographics flock to separate sites. Once you finalize your plan, you then have to choose how many advertising video production projects you should start. There is no question that video is the hottest marketing medium in 2019, and it does not look like...