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Month: March 2019

Expert Video Production Gives You Credibility

Even if video was not the most popular content type in the world of online marketing today, you would still want one or more videos to help you build your brand on the internet. What is it about video that makes people sit up and take notice over blog posts or even podcasts?Of course, moving images catch the eye much more quickly than text does. Video engages audiences more fully and can impart more information in a shorter amount of time with...

What a Professional Video Team Can Do for You?

When you want a polished, entertaining, informative, and effective video for marketing, product introductions, brand recognition, or any other reason, you should not trust it to just anyone. Always hire a professional video production expert in your region—Montreal or Toronto—if you want the best results possible. This holds true whether you simply want e-learning video production to train a new employee, advertising video production to help...

How Does Pricing for Video Production Work?

Every video production project I handle comes with its own unique price point. This is due to the dynamic nature of video production service needs and the many different characteristics that your video may have. For example, a 20-minute corporate video could cost less than a five-minute e-learning video production project. It all begins with a clear discussion about your needs and what you want the finished video to do for your company or...

Video Post-Production for a Polished Project

Well after the initial plans are made and the footage has been captured by video production specialists, the time has come for the post-production process. Some simply call this editing, but this term is a bit misleading as post-production includes an array of different activities to get the final video looking perfect and polished.4 Steps to Editing a Professional VideoWhat does video editing entail, anyway? A lot of different steps go into...

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