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Month: December 2018

8 Ways to Grow Your Business With Video

Professional video production in Toronto helps your business grow in various ways. Since that is the number one goal of any company, it makes sense to look into video service providers in your area and see what benefits they can provide. The following eight ways to grow your business help you engage more people in your target audience, convert leads to customers, and improve profits overall.1 – Brand AwarenessIf no one knows about your...

Pros and Cons of E-Learning Videos for Your Company

While many different types of videos exist for presentation and marketing purposes, one common use is education and training. Whether your company hires a brand-new employee or needs to retrain existing ones for a new project, e-learning videos provide many benefits. However, both pros and cons of educational videos exist, and it is important for your business to understand all of them before you make an investment from a video service production...

6 Things You Need to Launch a Great Video Series for Your Brand

The benefits of video production when it comes to building a brand, increasing recognition, and improving reputation cannot be understated. It is simply one of the top ways that people gain access to new companies, products, and services on the internet today. If your brand does not take advantage of the power of video, you are missing out on a big chance to grow and succeed.In order to reap all these benefits, however, you cannot simply toss up...

10 Reasons Your Business Should Create More Video Content

Video service production in Montreal and Toronto helps you build your brand more effectively across the internet. Capture attention, share your story, and entice your target audience to take a closer look. Professional video production services conducted by an experienced and highly skilled videographer will help you achieve your lead generation, client acquisition, and sales goals.1 -- Keep Potential Customers on Your Site Longer Text-heavy...

2018 “To-Do List” And The New Opening of My Video Production Office in Toronto

Most people make resolutions and goals at the beginning of the New Year but to be successful you constantly have to raise the bar – and that means new resolutions and goals every single day.Once I achieve one goal, I put more in front of me immediately because this is how business expands and grows.Let’s just say that my “To-Do-List” is a never ending exercise.We have just completed the rebranding of BLJ Films Inc. with a new...

Appealing to different clients

Technology businessesThe technology arena is fast and ever-changing and its part of my job to constantly research the latest trends, mobile apps, equipment and platforms, etc… so I can help my clients by using the best resources to promote their products. My clients also need to understand how I use things such as data tracking, social media strategy, email management and sales funnels to give them a targeted and maximum reach.Academic...

How do I market myself?

To promote my video services I use multiple platforms along with accompanying creative campaign strategies. This means I often combine the different resources I have (social media, blogs, newsletters, networking events, etc) to complement my on-line promotions. As a video production and photo service I make sure to constantly integrate my photos and video in all my campaigns to regularly show new examples of my work.Past WorkMy hardcopy...

How can you extend the life of “final” product videos and photos– to continually increase your business dollars and extend your reach?

Okay, so you’ve invested money to make a promotional video for your brand or your business. Now the work is done and you’ve posted your video on a variety of social media platforms. Following that, you get a couple of hundred thousand views, and thousands of likes and now the hoopla has died down. Has the “shelf life” for that project expired and now it’s done, finito, kaput? Of course not!!!If you are a service or product...

My most successful video project to date

My most successful video project to date is a project that I did for popular food blogger and social media influencer – “Black Foodie” – Toronto’s Eden Hagos. I was asked to produce and edit three recipe-videos for all her social media platforms. The resulting videos were extremely well-received, racking up a huge amount of views and likes in a short period of time, as well as, immediate and valuable contract offers for “Black...

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