Month: October 2018

Raw footage - Why is not a “given”, to get it along with the final cut.

One of my more popular “products” are two-minute short videos. They can be for broadcast advertising, a presentation for sales or an on-line You Tube demo, etc. Now when I shoot these videos it takes a lot of time to put the whole thing together. I have to do pre-production for the shoot, do the shoot and of course prepare the final edit just for those two “perfect” minutes. It can also take up as much as 20 to 30 gigs (of raw footage) on my...

Creating my first video networking and showcasing event

When it comes to shooting and editing videos – a lot of people are under the misconception that: “It’s super easy – and anyone can do it”. Most people have the basic equipment that includes; their smart phone and a free video editing program they downloaded off the net. However, that basic equipment only gives you a basic video. But what about when you really want to do a serious commercial, or pitch or a sharp, crisp, finally tuned end...

A way to take better photos!

This is the story of my very first photo shoot in the Hatta desert. Back in 2015, one year after I started my videography business, I went on a trip to Dubai. I started as a videographer and this great opportunity just came along - to do a photo shoot in the famous Hatta Desert. (A real UAE tourist hotspot) It all started with a creative idea of doing a photo shoot for an awareness campaign (about visual impairment) Maryam Ganni and I had...