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Month: March 2018

“Likes” and “views” don’t always equal revenue

Social media can feel like “high school”. The paradigm here is; if you are not presenting as the most “popular kid in the class” or not the one getting the most attention – then you “appear” to be not popular. So if we translate this thought into the social media universe – if feels like if you are not getting a boat-load of “likes” and “views” you may think that you are not reaching people or not successful. Not true.When...

What type of companies have you previously worked with?

I have worked with many different types and sizes of business from large corporations to “start ups”, from the restaurant to the E-learning industry. It’s often important for a videographer to mention the types of companies they have worked with, so potential clients can see the diversity of the project portfolio. This information defines ones work and ones creativity. The portfolio also defines your work ethic and therefore your...

How important is brand creation?

Do you really need to create a brand for your business and is it important? I see this debate on many forums, on multiple platforms and those discussions often get extremely heated. I have had a lot of intense exchanges with graphic designers and marketers resulting in a plethora of diverse responses and views. Before stating my beliefs, please understand that it’s MY personal opinion and based on MY experience. I am seeing multiple companies...

Can you guarantee that I will make money with your video or photo?

I can guarantee that I will give you a superior resource to give you greater reach, elevate your image and visibility and enhance your brand. I will create valuable visual sales tools to really “pack a punch” in the presentation of your product or your company. The most important question you need to ask is; do YOU know how to maximize a good sales resource and are you constantly researching and using better methods and platforms to sell your...

How to be a more successful creative entrepreneur?

Success is one of those words that has a myriad of definitions. I can ask a hundred people “How would you define success?” And I would get a hundred different answers. I had an interesting conversation a few weeks back with a colleague as to how social media has redefined “success”. We both agreed that, if you have a smart phone you can “appear” (with images and content) to be incredibly successful – even if you are not. Image and...

An Extensive Bank of Images That Can be Repurposed Again and Again

We are living in an age where; possessing the most amount of content is a key resource. We are constantly trying to appeal to new followers to generate more revenue. While each photo shoot will generate its own new share of images, there is almost always a need to add on more visual resources. Trying to cover all the bases (during each shoot) can be time consuming and expensive. So why not repurpose images from bank of pre-shot images and integrate...

What Type of Videos I Produce?

Interviews, E-Learning, Advertising, Promotional, Music, Product and Service Launches, Gastronomy (Foodie, Cuisine, Wine, etc.) - Behind the Scenes I have filmed over 100 videos of interviews during festivals, galas, fashion weeks, wine and food tastings as well as corporate presentations. I weave important promotional elements and branding into the story line of each video. In addition I have produced a plethora of short promotional videos for...

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