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Month: February 2018

What equipment and editing software do I use to produce my video?

I started as a Canon user and I also owned Panasonic GH4 while slowly doing the transition to Sony starting with the A7SII. I have a large inventory of equipment from led light panels, reflectors, wireless flash triggers, a 360 turntable, backdrops, stands, stabilizers, various lenses, sliders, external monitors, tripods etc.Most of my cameras record in 4K. I use Adobe Creative Suite to edit my videos and photos (Premier Pro, After Effect,...

Where can I shoot your video?

I am available to travel around the world for project. My video production company was founded in the province of Quebec and during the summer of 2018 we will be opening a second location in Toronto as well. Basically, I can shoot and record anywhere a camera can go no limits! the Scene - Cancun from Bernardson on...

The Power of Targeted Video for Your Video Content Marketing Strategy

The more I know about the background and origin of the business or the person, the better it helps me to produce more precisely targeted content. As a videographer, it is my job to create excitement and interest, by enhancing the image of a product, service or person. Before the production I meet with my client to discuss their objectives and goals for the production. The more I know about the background and origin of the business or the person,...

Why did I Become a Commercial Videographer?

I was really attracted to all the creative possibilities videography presented and also had a passion for business. I purchased my first professional camera in 2013 and continued to add new gear each year. Being able to connect with a multitude of new enterprises and gaining invaluable knowledge about so many different industries has been an amazing experience. I started my journey by teaching myself how to film and edit. After that, I used my...

My Journey to Becoming a Commercial Videographer in Montréal

Today I’m starting my blog. I am a videographer based in Montréal and soon I will have a second location in Toronto as well. How I started? My journey into commercial videography started with video editing. I became enamoured with editing videos when I was creating my first promotional nightlife video. After a few months of streamlining my video editing procedures and seeing the remarkable results first hand (views, likes and shares) I decided...

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